Is there a better way to design the piano?

This is an experiment

I created an alternative keyboard that I call the Linear Isomorphic Keyboard. I think it will be easier to play than the traditional keyboard. I'm practicing both keyboards for the same amount of time and assessing my progress to determine if one is easier to play.

So far, I have practiced both keyboards for 149 hours and 29 minutes.

This is the LIK, constructed from a modified i61 Midiplus keyboard.

Why would it be easier to play?

On the TK (Traditional Keyboard), there are 12 different fingerings for any song, only one of which is correct depending on the starting note.

On the LIK (Linear Isomorphic Keyboard) each song only has one fingering, regardless of starting note.

Why hasn't anyone done this before?

They have! Isomorphic keyboards are not new—the first one was made in 1896! However, I haven't found much discussion about whether isomorphic keyboards are easier to play. I hope to discover which keyboard is easier and why.